1176318_664085083615334_1479546935_nWelcome! Izzabee’s Confectioneries is a boutique business based in Lexington, South Carolina.

We specialize in all things sugar – cupcakes, wedding cakes, layer cakes, cookies, candies, macarons, cinnamon rolls, brownies…you name it–if it’s sweet, we make it! Our event services range from creative concept assistance and consulting to floral design and catering.

Our baked goods are special because they are made by hand with love & inspired by the customer & the people who are meant to enjoy them. We do not use molds or sophisticated machinery to make our products uniform. We sculpt them gently & carefully using the utmost care & never wavering from our dedication to the best taste possible.


Izzabee’s has established a repertoire of themes and designs for clients to choose from, but we also pride ourselves on creating new & unique concepts that perfectly suit each individual event. We love collaborating with our clients to ensure they are getting just what they envision–making it taste better than they thought possible! Whether it’s a five-tier wedding cake for a reception at the Ritz or fifty cupcakes for a special three year old’s backyard birthday party, Izzabee’s provides a splash of New England prep & a dash of Southern charm & everything in between.

We encourage you to buzz around, contact us with questions/comments and we hope to work with you soon!


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