Our Story

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Nicole Storey has been baking, cooking, decorating and entertaining since she was a child. It was only natural that she pursue a career in hospitality – which included posts in corporate event planning, cultural affairs, wedding planning and design, private catering and restaurant consultation .For many years, as a single mother working full-time to support her daughter Isabel, baking was as much a source of extra income as it was a form of meditation. She daydreamed of starting a business – opening a cupcake shop or starting a catering company her way – but it seemed out of reach for a long time. The concepts for Izzabee’s Confectioneries were borne out of many late nights in a kitchen covered with flour and countless weekends spent in a tiny apartment with mother and daughter baking morning til night because it’s what they did, it’s what they always did, and it made them happy…

…Fast forward a few years when a fairy tale came true. Nicole – and Isabel – fell in love with a wonderful man named Tim. Nicole and Tim got married in October, 2011 and moved to a new city to start their life together with Isabel (and a little while later, a baby boy named Declan).

This business is named for Isabel, who was always there, full of hope and inspiration, who always eats anything sweet and for whom Nicole will never stop baking with love.


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